In addition to the “Core Role Responsibilities”, what more is required to get your dream job?

Language skills are very important, regardless of whatever field you are job hunting in. Take Adam, for instance, who has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is presently in an after-sales support role with a growing company. His skills in the usage of Word-processing software, databases, spreadsheets, email, and presentations are top-notch. Furthermore, he can also effectively use statistics to interpret graphs & tables.

He went to attend an interview (which he calls his dream job) in the regional head office of an international sporting goods retail group , but only one thing was not right – his present experience was similar but in a different product line. Still he presented a strong , professional positive image which motivated his potential employers to consider him as a serious contender for the job and, in 15 days he had his dream job offer.

So relevant field experience is unbeatable but additionally, other factors can’t be neglected either.

Be aware of your achievements, abilities, values & weaknesses & also what you want out of life.

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