Data Governance Analyst


Taking part in the Data Governance Team, this position will require good analytical and technical skills. You will be responsible for implementing and evolving data quality and governance tools and methodologies, acting as a key driver to the resolution and prevention of issues, and improving and standardising the way all data producers implement data quality checks so that the data products meet the established standards of quality including reliability, usability and performance.


  • Monitor compliance with information flows and data stores ensuring adherence to data quality standards
  • Identify and interpret trends or data issues to be raised
  • Measure and report on the progress of data quality improvement
  • Working with Engineering Teams to implement systems for more effective data collection and storage
  • Determine the root cause for data quality errors, make recommendations for enhancements to systems of record, improve the accuracy of operational data
  • Filtering and cleaning data, reviewing Data Quality reports to correct any code problems and checking the efficiency of existent data collection processes
  • Work closely with Data engineers, product managers, data owners, data architectures and SMEs providing consultation on Data Management services
  • Support the Data Quality and Governance Framework run model and all artefacts that support Data Quality including Metadata, data standards, business glossaries, data dictionaries and reference data management
  • Meet targets for Data Quality Issue Management SLAs, triage data issues and provide appropriate escalation through the data ownership model
  • Facilitate Data Quality and Governance remediation and provide status updates on progress with stakeholders
  • Develop Data Quality and Governance reporting and provide insightful commentary on Data Quality and Governance metrics and remediation progress


  • Ideally 3 to 4 years of experience as a Data Quality and Governance Analyst
  • You have experience in building and maintaining data pipelines
  • You can produce your code but also know that something done is better than something perfect, and iterate over time to improve it
  • You have experience in creating and evolving dimensional data model schema designs to improve the accessibility of data and provide intuitive analytics
  • You have Experience with BI and data visualisation tools (e.g., Looker, Tableau, etc.) is preferred
  • You can write SQL in your sleep
  • You have experience in a cloud environment
  • You have experience in continuous delivery principles: version control, unit and automated tests
  • You have skills in programming languages, preferably Python
  • You have good analytical and problem-solving skills, the ability to work in a fast-moving operational environment and you are enthusiastic and with a positive attitude
  • SQL
  • Support the creation and implementation of processes and procedures to support data standards and control frameworks.
  • Meet with necessary stakeholders for Business Glossary implementation.
  • Collecting and interpreting data, and understanding the relationship between the data elements.
  • Perform Data Profiling tasks.
  • Fluent in English.


  1. Attention to Detail: Carefully reviewing and analyzing data.
  2. Analytical Skills: Understanding complex data sets.
  3. Communication: Conveying data governance policies.
  4. Problem-Solving: Addressing data quality issues.
  5. Collaboration: Working well with diverse teams.
  6. Adaptability: Adjusting to changing data needs.
  7. Integrity: Upholding data privacy and security.
  8. Curiosity: Staying updated on data trends.
  9. Project Management: Organizing data governance initiatives.
  10. Learning Agility: Eager to learn about new data technologies.

If you’re fueled by a passion for ensuring top-notch data quality and governance, we’re eager to welcome you aboard our dynamic team! Don’t miss this opportunity to join forces and unleash the transformative power of data-driven success!


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